Thursday, February 25, 2021

Winter at Norris Dam, TN

After a long cold winter here in TN, it is so nice to finally have a warm sunny day.  Yesterday I took a short road trip to Norris Dam TN and stopped at the overlook to take in the sights.  I find it amazing at the differences in the scenery here compared to the Pacific Northwest where on the west side you have mostly evergreen trees.

Norris Dam TN, in the winter is such a pretty place even with all the trees barren of leaves


In TN the winters look rather barren with the deciduous leaves gone but come spring when the new leaves come out the scenery is breathtaking to see.


This year (2021) I plan on being very active doing numerous road trips showing the changes through the seasons showcasing the beauty of TN.  I hope you visit my website, add my site to your favorites and follow my photographic adventures capturing more fine art photography images for my website.

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