Thursday, February 18, 2021


Major improvements have been made

Well, it has taken some work but I have successfully gone through every page and image on my website and fixed many issues. Many thanks for all the feedback from all my visitors. What is cool is I have expanded the Captions on every image to add more content to try and make viewing my images more interesting. you can even launch a slide show and watch all the images at full screen. In addition to the major cleanup I also spend many hours reworking the price list and adding a 100% print satisfaction guarantee should a visitor want a fine art print to hang on their wall. If you have any questions or a print size you want that is not on the list please send me an email to: Norm Stokes Photography
If you get a chance to swing by and take a look at my work I am sure you will love it, make sure to add me to your bookmarks and visit often as I will now be adding many more images per week.

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