Thursday, February 4, 2021

I've Been Published

 Yes, it has finally happened, a local magazine contacted me and had seen my website and asked if they could use some of my pictures in their January 2021 magazine.

I think the "Oak Ridge Neighbors" magazine did a great job with my pictures showing the quality.  I want to thank Oak Ridge Neighbors Magazine for the honor of publishing my work in such a fantastic magazine.

Oak Ridge Neighbors cover page where my photography was published
Cover page of Oak Ridge Neighbors
Magazine I was published in

Very nice caption on magazine layout that including website address for Norm Stokes Photography
The Oak ridge neighbors magazine added a nice
endorsement of my photography complete with
 the web address for their customers to see. 

Magazine layout that was published for Norm Stokes Photography
Here is a picture of the layout in the magazine
showing some of my scenic and wildlife photography 

You can see all my photography at my website

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