Thursday, March 4, 2021

Old Barns make for fabulous scenic photography

 I love traveling through the countryside and seeing lovely old barns. Just think, if they could talk the stories they would tell. For this shot, I actually stopped in the middle of the road, got out, and snapped the shot. That is the beauty of getting off the beaten path as there are very few cares, and everyone waves at you as you drive by.

Old Barn I spotted while on a photo road trip through Elk WA.

I have been extremely busy on my website and now have both the desktop and the mobile presentations working extremely nicely.

Over the next few months, I will be uploading many more images across the USA that I hope everyone will enjoy.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Winter at Norris Dam, TN

After a long cold winter here in TN, it is so nice to finally have a warm sunny day.  Yesterday I took a short road trip to Norris Dam TN and stopped at the overlook to take in the sights.  I find it amazing at the differences in the scenery here compared to the Pacific Northwest where on the west side you have mostly evergreen trees.

Norris Dam TN, in the winter is such a pretty place even with all the trees barren of leaves


In TN the winters look rather barren with the deciduous leaves gone but come spring when the new leaves come out the scenery is breathtaking to see.


This year (2021) I plan on being very active doing numerous road trips showing the changes through the seasons showcasing the beauty of TN.  I hope you visit my website, add my site to your favorites and follow my photographic adventures capturing more fine art photography images for my website.

Thursday, February 18, 2021


Major improvements have been made

Well, it has taken some work but I have successfully gone through every page and image on my website and fixed many issues. Many thanks for all the feedback from all my visitors. What is cool is I have expanded the Captions on every image to add more content to try and make viewing my images more interesting. you can even launch a slide show and watch all the images at full screen. In addition to the major cleanup I also spend many hours reworking the price list and adding a 100% print satisfaction guarantee should a visitor want a fine art print to hang on their wall. If you have any questions or a print size you want that is not on the list please send me an email to: Norm Stokes Photography
If you get a chance to swing by and take a look at my work I am sure you will love it, make sure to add me to your bookmarks and visit often as I will now be adding many more images per week.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

I've Been Published

 Yes, it has finally happened, a local magazine contacted me and had seen my website and asked if they could use some of my pictures in their January 2021 magazine.

I think the "Oak Ridge Neighbors" magazine did a great job with my pictures showing the quality.  I want to thank Oak Ridge Neighbors Magazine for the honor of publishing my work in such a fantastic magazine.

Oak Ridge Neighbors cover page where my photography was published
Cover page of Oak Ridge Neighbors
Magazine I was published in

Very nice caption on magazine layout that including website address for Norm Stokes Photography
The Oak ridge neighbors magazine added a nice
endorsement of my photography complete with
 the web address for their customers to see. 

Magazine layout that was published for Norm Stokes Photography
Here is a picture of the layout in the magazine
showing some of my scenic and wildlife photography 

You can see all my photography at my website